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Questions to Ask a Fence Contractor

So you have scheduled an estimate with several fence companies to come out and give you a quote. Price is definitely a big factor in the installation, but not always the only factor in making the decision. What sort of questions should you ask to get an idea about the quality of the fence and company? Here are some topics to ask the estimator about when they come out for a consult.

About the fence:

What styles of fence does your company offer?

There are a lot of different styles of fencing for you to choose from, but not all fence companies install every style of fence. Conyers Fence Company specializes in chain link, wood privacy, aluminum ornamental and steel ornamental fences. Although we do not offer field fence, vinyl privacy or horizontal privacy, we can recommend other contractors who do work with that fencing material.

What style will best fit my needs?

Each style of fencing has benefits and draw backs. The shape and grading of your yard plays a role in how the fence will look once installed. Your reason for fencing, such as privacy or containment of pets, also is a factor to consider when choosing the best fence for your needs. Our estimators are experienced and can walk you through the pros and cons of each style of fence we offer with your specific situation and needs in mind.

If you are looking to get a fence for your dog, you may want to check out our other blog post here:

What challenges does my property have?

Each property is unique and calls for a specific plan of installation. From the layout to the grading of the ground, our team is experienced in providing solutions for any challenges your property may have. Each of our customers receives a customized proposal that is specific to their property.

How are your gates constructed?

One big difference between fence contractors is the construction of their gates. Conyers Fence Company has all welded frame gates that are made in house to your custom specifications. The welded frame provides more durability and have a longer life expectancy than other gates. Even our wood gates have a welded metal frame on which the wood is added. We also use heavier weight gate posts that can hold the weight of the gates and prevent them from sagging over time.

For more information about the gates we offer at Conyers Fence, visit our blog on Gate Options:

What is the typical life expectancy of the fence?

It is a good idea to set accurate expectations for the life expectancy of your fence. A chain link fence will last you 20-25 years. Wood privacy fences last about 12-15 years. Ornamental fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and last you a long time.

With all fences, there are things you can do to extend the life of your fence. pressure washing chain link or ornamental fencing every 9-12 months will help protect your material from eroding as quickly. Wood privacy fences typically last longer when they are sealed, stained or painted.

Is there a warranty on the fence?

Each fence company offers different warranties on their work and products. It is helpful to know what those warranties are before you go under contract. Conyers Fence Company offers a 1-year workmanship warranty, as well as the manufacturer warranties on the various products.

About the installation:

Do you concrete every post?

Some fence companies only concrete the terminal posts and gate posts. Their quotes are often cheaper than the companies that concrete every post during installation, but the product installed is easily damaged and likely to have issues. Conyers Fence Company concretes every post during installation to provide you a much more durable fence.

Will you store material on site?

There are contractors who will have the material delivered to the site and stored on your property during the installation process. Knowing whether or not you will be responsible for storing that material is good to know ahead of time in order for you to plan accordingly. Conyers Fence has all material shipped to our facilities and only bring out the material we are installing each day.

Who is responsible for the removal of my existing fence?

If you are replacing an existing fence, you will want to ask the fence company if they do fence removal. Some companies require the customer to remove the fence prior to the installation. If a company is removing the fence for you, you want to ask a couple of follow up questions.

Do they haul off the material?

Are they going to use heavy machinery for the removal?

Conyers Fence offers removal and haul off for existing fences. We often do not use heavy machinery unless needed to prevent tearing up your yard.

When can you begin installation?

Each company has their own calendar and may be booked out for several months in the busier season. You will want to make sure that the company can meet any deadlines you have. Be aware that most fence companies are delayed by the weather and other unexpected issues on site. Conyers Fence Company typically will give you a window for installation and will contact you closer to installation with the exact days that we will be on site.

How long will the installation of my fence take?

It really depends on the size of your fence and how many feet are being installed. Our estimators can give you an approximation of how long the installation will take. You may also want to ask the company is they offer a continuous installation or if they set posts and then return later for the installation of the fence. Conyers Fence Company does all of the work on consecutive days.

About the company:

How long have you been installing fences?

While there are good fence installers that are brand new to the industry, a good indicator of someone's experience is how long they have been installing fences. With years comes many custom difficulties and challenges on job sites with experience in how to navigate and solve problems that may arise. Conyers Fence has been in business for over 35 years.

Do you have examples of past work?

Seeing final products of previous fence installations will give you an idea of what to expect for your property. All of the photos on our website are taken from jobs that we have completed and we also have marketing materials with pictures of the products we offer for you to see during an estimate.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Getting a licensed and insured installer is a much smarter choice than going with someone who is not. Licensure indicates a qualified company or individual is working on your property and insurance covers any major damages that may occur during installation. Like years of experience, a licensed and insured company indicates that the installers are professionals that know what they are doing.

Customer responsibilities:

Who do I need to check with on fencing requirements?

Based on where you live, you may have several entities that have requirements for your fence. HOAs, counties and cities all have specific requirements that you will need to check with before choosing a fence for installation. Check out our blog on getting approval for your fence here:

Who contacts utilities?

It is a legal responsibility for any fence company to call in a dig request before installing a fence. Some companies may make it the requirement of the customer to call in locate requests for their utilities to be marked. Conyers Fence Company takes that burden off the customer. If you are a customer, you should expect for your utilities to be marked about 1-2 weeks prior to installation.

Who can locate my property lines?

If you don't know where your property lines are located, you will need to have your property surveyed. Our estimators can guess about where lines are if you have property pins, but we are not responsible for locating them. It is best to have your property surveyed if you are unsure.

At Conyers Fence Company, we want our customers to be informed about the fencing process from the first call to the end of installation. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you.

If you are interested in setting up an estimate, give us a call or fill out the form on our website under the Contact Us section. We offer free estimates for customers within a 20 mile radius of our office. We look forward to working with you.

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