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Custom Gate Solutions

Entrance & Estate Gates
"Driveway Gates"

  • Offers elegant old world look of wrought iron with maintenance free product – no painting, chipping, splitting or cracking

  • Composed of Heavy Duty Aluminum

  • Both single & double swing gates available

  • Available in both straight (entrance) and arched (estate) configurations

  • Pairs perfectly with automatic gate operators

  • Estate Gate Options available​

    • Majestic – Flat flush top

    • Classic- Pressed spear tops

  • Available in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’ or 8' heights

  • Single Gate Size Openings – 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14’ foot

  • Double Gate Size Openings - 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, and 28’ foot

  • Picket Size ¾"


Commercial Swing Gate System

  • Perfect gate for commercial entrances where space is not a factor and gates into frequently used enclosures

  • Gate system can be used for openings ranging from 3' to 30'+

  • Swing gates configurations available

    • Single Gate

    • Double Gates

  • Material used to build the gate will depend on the size of the gate and overall opening

    • All larger gates will be made with large and heavier gauge tubing with addition bracing added for support​

  • Swing Gates provide a reliable gate solution with the least amount of maintenance. There is no need to replace wheels, tracking, etc. with swing gates unlike other gate solutions


Roll Gate Systems

  • Perfect Gate for limited space applications

  • System is composed of horizontal track system with pressed steel rollers affixed to vertical support posts

  • Roll gate glides along the ground using a carriage wheel

  • Gate construction with SS 20 thickness posts

  • Size of track and vertical support post depends upon the size of the roll gate system

  • Roll gates are constructed to fit the size of your gate opening – no counter weight section is required

  • Recommended for openings up to 20’ feet

  • Differs from cantilever gate by horizontal rolling track attached to vertical support posts


Cantilever Slide Gate System

  • Perfect gate for security – can resist minor crashes and protect the inside of the fenced area

  • System is composed of vertical supports with rollers on the bottom and top of gate. Vertical support posts are 4” SS 40 thickness posts

  • Gates are constructed using a counter balance section that extends 50% longer than the gate opening – Gate has upright and diagonal framework supports

  • Cantilever gates are held above the ground approx. 6”

  • Gates can serve in applications with openings up to 40’ foot

  • Level ground applications are required

  • Differs from roll gate by lack of horizontal track, rolls directly on rollers and requires a counter balance portion that serves in place of a track system

barrier gate 2_edited.jpg

Barrier Gate System

  • The ideal solution for areas that a chain link swing gate would be applicable.

  • System is composed of 1 5/8" SS 20 material with vertical posts at either 3" SS 20 or 4" SS 40, depending on size

  • Advantages over chain link options

    • Less material involved

    • Ground doesn't have to be level

    • Perfect for restricting car access, but doesn't impede pedestrians

  • Can be used as a stand alone gate or in conjunction with perimeter fencing​

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