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What's in a Quote?

The Anatomy of a Quote

All of our estimates that are given at Conyers Fence are completed on the same form.

What is included in the quote?

Asking the company to outline what all is included in the quote will help to get everyone on the same page when it comes to material and pricing. Every company does their quotes differently and it can sometimes be difficult to compare two estimates. At Conyers Fence, our quotes include the following:


The materials will vary depending on your property and style of fence.

Chain link proposals will include a per foot price for the linear feet installed. We will list out the number of terminals that are needed for your specific layout. A terminal is what you might call a corner post or gate post. Gates will also be listed out individually. If you are replacing a fence, we would also list out the linear feet of removal and charge a per foot price for removal and haul off.

For wood fences, you will see the linear feet listed out at a per foot price. The gates will also be listed out. If there is removal and haul off, that per foot price will be listed as well.


The labor amount on our quotes is typically included in our per foot price. There is an additional set up fee that helps to offset the cost of labor on smaller jobs. If you live outside of our typical radius of operation, you will see a trip charge per day of work listed on your proposal.


The price is listed beside each item on the quote for you to see what each portion of your fence costs. There are some instances in which there are complications during installation that we cannot accurately quote during the estimate, such as if there is rock that requires additional jackhammering. However, those terms are laid out on the contract under the customer responsibilities section. Our estimators know the area fairly well and will try to give you a heads up if they believe that there may be rock on your property.

Payment Terms

Conyers Fence's payment terms are a 50% deposit up front at the time of booking with the remainder due at completion. We are able to work with companies on payment terms.

Comparing Quotes

Every company has their own style of proposals. It can be difficult to compare two quotes. It is important to ask your estimator questions about the fence when they meet with you so that you have a good idea of what types of products they use. You can check out our blog on Questions to Ask a Fence Contractor here.

When comparing two quotes, you want to check the specifications of the materials that are going to be installed on each quote. While price is a factor in your decision making, a cheaper quote may mean less durable material and ultimately a less structurally sound fence.

You may also ask about the construction of the gates that they will be installing. All of our gates are made in house from welded pipe. Even our wood gates have a metal frame to provide more durability.

Conyers Fence dry-packs concrete on every post we install. You may want to check with each company to see if they concrete every post or only terminals and gate posts.

Conyers Fence is transparent about all material that we install. If you have are unclear about any portion of your quote, our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

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