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Operators: An Inside Look

An automatic gate operator is one of the best purchases for a homeowner or business. It makes entering your home or business secure and convenient. They are an investment, though. So what is included in a standard operator installation? What are all of the accessories you can get to customize your operator? Let's explore.

There are many, many combination options when getting an operator. From entry access options to safety/entrapment devices, there are a bunch of ways to configure your automatic gates. We will walk through some of those options in this post.

Our operators come standard with a couple of things:

  • The operator, itself. Deciding which operator is best for your application is the first step. We have a blog about our different options which you can view here.

  • Safety eyes  Safety eyes are installed in alongside the path of the gate to prevent the gate from closing on a person or vehicle when the photoeye path is broken. The safety eyes use a reflector mounted on the opposite side of the entrance which prevent the gate from closing on something in its path. One or more safety eyes can be mounted at different heights to ensure that vehicles of all sizes will receive adequate protection (i.e. standard vehicles and tractor trailers).

  • Wireless edge kit This is a pressure sensor installed on our slide gates as a safety measure. If the sensor is triggered, the gate will stop moving and reverses several feet to mitigate damaged from a collision. The edge transmits a signal to a receiver installed on the control board of the operator.

  • Remote controls These one, two or three-button remotes are similar to a garage door opener and will open the gate with the click of a button. Remotes are programmed to a specific frequency that is programmed into the control board of the operator.

One Button Remote Control
One Button Remote Control
  • Power pole Our power poles are made in house. The poles consist of a GFCI receptacle, an outdoor power disconnect switch, a junction box, and a LED bulb/fixture. The power source is run through a junction box to the operator, controlled by the power switch. The GFCI and installed 8' ground rod protects against electrical surges to the operator. The lightbulb provides light near the operator and also functions as an indicator that the power is working. The power switch allows for localized control while working on the operator without having to go inside your home/garage to the central breaker. This provides protection for all future service personnel.

Power Pole
Power Pole
  • Ground rod All of our operators are connected to an 8-foot long ground rod that is buried near the operator. This provides a path for excess current to go to ground instead of to your operator. This provides protection to the function of your operator.

In addition to the standard installation package, Conyers Fence Company also offers a variety of entrance and safety options.

  • Magnetic Exit Loop With the installation of an in-ground loop and loop detection device, you can trigger your gate to open when your vehicle is on top of a selected section of ground. This works the same way as at a traffic light. We offer two types of loops. The first loop is encased in flex piping and buried under the gravel, crumbling asphalt or concrete of your driveway. The second loop is installed in intact concrete. For both types of loops installed in concrete our team will cut a section of the driveway, bury the loop and cover it with sealant. Similarly with asphalt, our team will cut the section, bury the loop and repatch the drive with asphalt patch. Loops in loose gravel or packed dirt, the loop is covered back up with material that was removed for the loop installation.

  • Internet Gateway This is an entry option that utilized the internet to allow for access to your property. Using an app, you are able to control your automatic gate operator. There are some limitations with the myQ app/internet gateway, including distance between operator and internet source, and number of users.

myQ App
myQ App
  • Keypad Entry We offer either wired or wireless keypad installations for our automatic gate operators. Mounted on a pedestal on the inside or outside of your gate, a keypad allows anyone with the code to operate your gate. Based on the model number, there are a set number of codes you can program to your keypad, ranging from 5 to 1000.

Wireless Keypad on Pedestal
Wireless Keypad on Pedestal
  • Magnetic Locks Magnetic locks (mag locks) are a very strong magnetic locking mechanism that can be installed on your gates to prevent someone from entering the gate without access. They are typically used on swing gates. Mag locks come in two sizes; 600lb or 1200lb. Mag locks will resist the rated amount of pressure and are one of the most secure ways of locking your gate. Our privacy gates with LA500 operators are also installed with 1200lb magnetic locks to protect the operator from high wind damage.

  • Barrier Arms Often used in parking garages and security shacks, barrier arms consist of an operator, the barrier arm, an in-ground close loop and detector. The arms can be ordered in several sizes to fit the width of your driveway.

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