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Enhancing Privacy with Custom Fence Designs

Fences can serve several purposes: enclosure, defining property lines, safety, decoration and aesthetic; but not all fences provide privacy. Whether you are looking for a privacy at your home or on commercial properties, we have a solution for you. This blog post will explore the privacy options that we offer at Conyers Fence Company.

Wood Privacy Fence

The best option for privacy is a wood fence. It completely blocks out any eye sores on a neighboring property and provides the most coverage in both residential and commercial settings. With a traditional wood privacy fence, the face boards are butted up to each other, giving total privacy. Our wood privacy fences are 6' tall with a variety of stylized cuts to add some aesthetic appeal, such as the French Gothic cuts in the picture below.

French Gothic Wood Privacy Fence

All of our wood fences are constructed with a very sturdy design including staggered runners and concreted posts every 8 feet. For more information on our structural design, check out this blog post.

Shadowbox Wood Fence

With slightly less coverage than traditional wood privacy, shadowbox fencing still provides a a good deal of privacy. Shadowbox fences are installed with the same framework as a privacy fence, but face boards are attached on either side of the frame and staggered. This allows some visibility through your fence if looking at an angle. This is an ideal solution for someone with a larger property that wants privacy in a smaller section of the yard, but still wants to be able to see some of their larger property. It is also a more decorative and different option if a wall of wood is not your style.

Shadowbox Wood Privacy Fence

Chain Link with Windscreen

Chain link is not the most private of fences, but the addition of windscreen can modify it to meet your needs. Windscreen is made of a mesh fabric that has 85% opacity and is attached to your fence every few feet. Windscreen can be ordered in a variety of colors and can even has screen printed options to customize your fence. Conyers Fence has installed windscreen at both residential and commercial properties. It gives a very nice finish to a traditional chain link fence and offers the privacy that chain link does not offer.

Black Chain Link with Black Windscreen

Windscreen can also be attached to ornamental fences to provide the same privacy solutions as with chain link.

Chain Link with Slats

Chain link can also be modified to provide better privacy with plastic slats. Inserted into the weaving of the chain link, plastic slats are a nice way to block out the eye sores, such as a dumpster enclosure or neighboring property. Plastic stats come in a variety of color and height options.

Brown Chain Link with Brown Slats

Slats are typically used in commercial applications as city and county code enforcement may prohibit slats on residential properties. Check with your city and county before seeking residential slats to make sure that they will allow it.

If you have any questions about your privacy fencing options, please let us know. We would be happy to set up a time to come out and walk you through the options for your property. Our estimators are experienced in creating custom solutions to fit your project and desires.

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